Aug 29, 2014

Restore Windows 7 boot loader over Ubuntu/linux

If you have installed Windows 7 (any edition) and Ubuntu on your laptop or desktop then when you start your system the boot grub of Ubuntu appears and asks for selection of OS for start either Ubuntu or Windows.

In case you want to remove Ubuntu/linux from your system then if you delete the partition of Ubuntu by logging to Windows then your system will be unable to start and it will ask for grub rescue. 

It will ask for grub rescue in other cases too like 
1. Making a partition using disk management in Windows 7.
2. Mark a partition as active other than C: drive.

The first listed problem is common in laptops distributed by UP Government because it has Ubuntu and Windows 7 Home basic and Windows has only one partition when someone want to make a partition using windows then Problem arises and it asks for grub rescue.

The solution to this problem is very easy. If you have made start-up repair disk then it just insert it and reboot your system it will load and after that will go for startup repair. Select the Windows 7 OS and go next choose Command Prompt. Use commands bootrec /fixboot and  wait for 2-3 seconds after that use bootrec /fixmbr as soon as it gets completed your boot loader or grub is repaired.

If you don't have start-up repair disk then use Windows 7 bootable disk. When it boots choose Reapir your Computer and go to Command Prompt use the above two commands and fix your boot loader.

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