Feb 2, 2011

How to remove Linux (Ubuntu or Fedora) Completely

When we install Ubuntu or Fedora with windows 7 then boot loader of Ubuntu or fedora starts the options for booting of Ubuntu/ Fedora and windows 7.

If we delete the partition in which ubuntu/fedora is installed then it does'nt starts neither ubuntu nor windows.

and asks for grub rescue...

here I am giving a method by which you can completely remove the ubuntu / fedora without loosing any data from windows 7.

and only windows 7 will boot without showing any option.

> First Open windows 7
> Install EASEUS partition manager

Go here

> then start the Easeus partition manager and format the partition in which fedora /ubuntu is installed.(You can format the drive directly without Easeus partition manager also.)

> if you restart the system it will ask for grub rescue..
> Insert your windows Xp or windows vista cd and restart the system.
> now boot it from cd and install windows Xp or vista in the drive (in which Ubuntu/ Fedora was installed)

> after complete installation on boot option it will show two options

> windows 7
> vista/windows Xp

> Now open with windows 7 and follow the procedure given on the link.....

Read here

after that only windows 7 will be there...

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