Jun 14, 2013

Remove Qvo6.com Virus from Computer

Yesterday I installed port forwarding software by portforward.com and by mistake I got Qvo6.com virus which ruined my system. Mozilla  , Google Chrome , Internet Explorer all were in problem they always redirect a home page of qvo6.com and Search Engine , Add ons of Qvo6.com was active in each browser.

I searched on internet to recover this problem many webs gave free software for scan of Qvo6.com but at the time of fixing that problem they asked to buy the premium version.

I wasted whole day working with that and finally I removed and I am telling  how I removed that Qvo6.com Virus.

To remove the computer from the Qvo6.com redirect 
Go to Start> Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program
Click on Installed on to sort out the program installed by date wise and uninstalled by softwares related with Qvo6.com which you installed recently.

Remove the Qvo6.com redirect from the Internet Explorer browser :
Go to Setting >  Internet Options > Advanced  > and Reset Internet Explorer Setting and Close.
Remove the Qvo6.com redirect from the Mozilla Firefox browser :
Go to Firefox > Help  > Troubleshooting  Information > Reset Firefox.
Remove the Qvo6.com redirect from the Google Chrome browser :
Go to Setting >  Extensions > Remove the extensions associated with Qvo6.com

You must have to remove the add ons and extensions of Qvo6.com from all browsers  and after that Go to Browser Icon and Right Click > Shortcut > Target > Remove the url address added after exe file in double inverted Comma.

Now go to run and type regedit and Remove the following registry :

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Desk 365

Now you can search for Qvo6.com in registry by pressing Ctrl+f and if found something remove that registry. 

Now I think the problem has been sorted out. If still persists then uninstall Mozilla, Chrome, and uninstall Internet Explorer update, Run CCleaner Restart your system and installed all browsers again. You will not find any symptoms of Qvo6.com

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