Dec 17, 2013

Showing boot error : USB boot

Yesterday I was trying to boot my Sony Vaio laptop by USB which already has windows 7 Home Basic. The USB containing Ubuntu 12.04 , I  made it bootable by using software pendrivelinux. I have booted it many times by using my moserbaer pendrive but this time I was using Sandisk pendrive due to unavailablity of that pendrive.

I changed the boot order in BIOS, put removeable disk at first preference. when I restarted the system was showing 'boot error'. I thought may be it is due to some fault in making pendrive bootable. and I made it bootable again, still it was showing 'boot error'.

I don't know why this problem is coming. I googled this problem and saw in many forums and I got one Solution. Go to BIOS Setting and search for 'USB Mass Storage Emulation Type' option under All Removable. Change it to Auto. it will work.

I searched it in BIOS but I was unable to find it in my BIOS setting. then I decided to make bootable dvd. I made it and this is working if some body finds the solution related to usb boot error please inform me.

Tags : boot error while booting with usb

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