Oct 25, 2014

Aircel PD Proxy Working 3G Trick October 2014

I have figured out the free internet trick in Aircel using PD Proxy. It works on Open UDP port. Skipping all blah-blah things I am just going to tell how to do this in simple steps.

1. First download the PD proxy and Extract it.
2. Sign up here and get a user name and password. (Don’t forget to activate the mail sent on your email id by clicking on that.)
3. Now Choose Demo Server 1 or Server 2 in Server and Protocol Option and Choose UDP.
4. Put your user name and password and Connect. It will take some time to connect after that you can easily browse.

Note : This trick works on zero balance and without any data pack. Since you are using demo server , you can use 100 MB data free on one account.

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          Aircel free PD Proxy 3G Trick

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