Jan 2, 2015

Recover .chk files

If you have got your files converted into .chk extension then you can easily recover at some extent by using different softwares. In Linux (Ubuntu) if you delete a file it converts that file into .chk extension and saves in a folder in that drive. You can see that folder in windows it may be of the name '.Trash' or something similar to that. 

You can easily recover that files which may appear as .chk000, .chk001, .chk002 and so on. You just install a software TRC Data Recovery. Open it and navigate to the directory where .chk files are kept it will ask for location where to save the files when you recover them.

You can use another recovery software by searching on Google. I used that one and it worked for my all pdf files and they got recovered.

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          .chk000, .chk001 file extensions

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