May 3, 2014

Check Performance Issues in Windows 7

Sometimes we have some issues in our PC or laptop which makes the PC slow and also it takes so much time to respond that means the performance of the PC is affected. You can check your PC issues and solve them then your performance of PC will be increased.

Suppose you have installed a software and that software is causing some problem like your PC takes so much time to boot up and when you click on any icon it takes bit more time to respond then your can check your PC issues and solve them this will speed up your system.

Go to Control Panel (Select View by Large Icons) > Performance Information and Tools > Advanced Tools > Performance Issues

here you will see a list of issues encountered by your PC and fix that issue by checking the software which is making trouble. In the above pic there is no touch issues only display setting you can play with display setting for best performance of your PC.

Tags: Increase performance of your PC
         Check issues in your PC
         Increase boot up speed 

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