Aug 19, 2012

Best Mail Client : Mozilla Thunderbird

Why we need mail client ?

A Mail Client stores all the existing web mails in your PC or any other server depending on your choice 'imap' or 'pop' and you can access that any time but for synchronization to mails server you must have an active Internet Connection.

Some times we don't have Internet Connection in that case if we want to access our old mails then we can easily access them.

It may be possible that you are feeling very slow to Internet Connection then You can access mails on the basis of last synchronization.

I used two or three Mail Clients but now I am using 'Mozilla Thunderbird'. because it configures automatically , no additional setting is needed.

You can download it from it's official website.

Aug 9, 2012

How to Configure Microsoft Outlook 2007 for Yahoo Mail

  • Make sure that you have Microsoft Outlook 2007 in your PC.
  • Launch the Software and go to Tools > Account Setting.

  • After that go to 'New'.  

  •  Check the box 'Manually configure server setting or additional server types'.

  • Then Choose 'Internet E-mail'.  


  •  Complete the details as shown below.

  • After filling the details go to 'More Setting'.

  • In 'Outgoing Server' use the setting as shown below.

  • Use the default setting for 'Advanced' Tab.

  • After finish the Configuration click on 'Send/Receive' to synchronize. 

Hope this will work in your PC in mine it is working.

Aug 7, 2012

How to open ISO file in computer

ISO (means International Organization for Standardization) is the image of an optical disk. To open an ISO file we need a software and we mount that ISO file in that software after successful mount it will show a virtual drive in which that image will open.

There are a number of softwares available for the mounting of ISO files. I generally use the software ‘Magic disc’ for mounting.

Aug 2, 2012

What to do when accidentally installed two Antiviruses on your PC/Laptop

When people are new to the Computer then they don't have much knowledge about Computer and sometimes they make mistakes when leads their Computer in much problem.

Today I am discussing about 'What happens when you install two Antiviruses on your Computer'. Each PC/Laptop must have only one Antivirus or if we say that each OS must have only one Antivirus.

More than one Antiviruses in one OS makes the Computer in bad condition. As you start the computer it will hang otherwise it work for 5-10 seconds then it will hang in that condition 'what should we do ?' this question comes in mind except formatting the PC/Laptop. because if it is unable to start then how can we go to Control Panel and uninstall the one Antivirus.

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