Mar 31, 2016

Lenovo Companion for Lenovo A6000/Plus Android phone

If you are using Lenovo Android Phone then you must try for Lenovo Companion. You can easily upgrade the system software to various available new versions. You can check your warranty status just clicking on Warranty Check, All other problems can be tracked easily by using Diagnostics and you can visit Lenovo Forum for various questions related to your Phone Model. If you have given your Phone for repair the you can check Repair Status Easily using this Software on PC/Phone and also you can make back-up easily while upgrading your Mobile Phone .

Apr 16, 2015

mediaserver process consuming lots of battery Android

I was having a problem of mediaserver process. In My Lenovo A6000 Android mobile in Battery consumption mediaserver process was showing at the top with very high battery usage. and my mobile battery was discharging rapidly. This problem came when I transferred some videos from my laptop to my mobile.

I got the solution by searching on internet by visiting many forums and after that I was able to sort out the problem.

Apr 15, 2015

Best Launcher for Android April 2015

I am using Lenovo A6000 Android phone from past 3 months and was searching for good launcher for my phone because the inbuilt launcher given by Lenovo is not quiet good. I used C Launcher, 360 Launcher, Apus Launcher, Google Launcher, EverythingMe Launcher and Hola Launcher and some more for a couple of days and finally I sticked with Hola Launcher.

I really liked Hola Launcher most and after that Google Launcher. If you are also searching for a good launcher for your android device then try both Hola and Google Launcher I am sure you will like it. You can download the above form Google Play store.
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