Oct 28, 2013

Update msse through a proxy server

In colleges we don't have an open internet connection. They always provide proxy server and we use a proxy and port due to security purpose in that case if you have installed Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus program then it is bit difficult to update the antivirus. I have made a lots of analysis after that I got succeeded.

Set the proxy address and port in Internet Explorer (ie) Setting by following method :
Go to Setting > Internet Options > Connections >LAN Setting > Use Proxy Server
and fill up the proxy address and port.

After that apply these settings to all accounts by using the Command Prompt : Open cmd with admin rights then use proxycfg -u Command. The -u option copies the current proxy setting.

Oct 9, 2013

UP Government laptop distribution

We all know that Uttar Pradesh Government distributed a number of laptops to Passed Intermediate Students. These laptops are of HP and have two Operating System Ubuntu 12.04.02 LTS and Windows 7 Home Basic. These OS are have a user name and password which is written in Manual given with the laptop. No body is going through the manual and they don't have the password. The Password used in both Operating Systems is uplcuser. There is one Partition in Windows 7 if You try to shrink the disk and want to make partition it will be unable to boot due to boot grub.
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