Dec 29, 2014

Mobile Partner Software latest Version

I am giving here the link of  Mobile Partner software latest version. Although it is in Beta Version yet it has new features than the previous version. you can create a wifi using this software if you have inbuilt wifi in your laptop or desktop. No need of Creating any Network Profile as usual and easy to use. A snapshot is attached.

Dec 19, 2014

Create a New Folder using Command Prompt

If you want  to make a new folder using Command Prompt then There is a very simple way to do this. You can make a single folder at a time or a number of folder with different names. I am going to explain how to use this Command "mkdir" for making New Folder.

> Suppose you want to make a new fold named "test" in your d:/ drive then 
> Open Command prompt and go to d drive by typing d: then press enter
> after that type command mkdir test here test is the folder name.
> press enter and you have created a new folder in d drive.
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