Aug 29, 2014

Restore Windows 7 boot loader over Ubuntu/linux

If you have installed Windows 7 (any edition) and Ubuntu on your laptop or desktop then when you start your system the boot grub of Ubuntu appears and asks for selection of OS for start either Ubuntu or Windows.

In case you want to remove Ubuntu/linux from your system then if you delete the partition of Ubuntu by logging to Windows then your system will be unable to start and it will ask for grub rescue. 

Aug 14, 2014

Pendrive showing as local disk instead of showing in removable disk

If your Pendrive is showing as local disk or Hard disk instead of showing Removable disk then you can fix this problem using Lexar USB Formatting Tool. Lexar USB Format Tool or BootIt is a Lexar based utility to flip the Removable device setting of a USB drive.

You can also do the reverse that means if you want that your removable disk appear as local disk then use above tool. I was having this problem from many days today it was sorted out.

Aug 12, 2014

Change Recycle Bin full icon to empty icon on desktop

If you delete something it goes in recycle bin and recycle bin icon changes empty recycle bin to full recycle bin. It doesn't look good when it appears full recycle bin icon.

You can change your recycle bin icon in such a way that when you delete any item it will move to recycle bin but icon will always appear empty recycle bin and it looks better.

Aug 10, 2014

Setup has determined that drive d: is corrupted and can not be repaired

I was trying to install Windows Xp to my HP Mini 1100 Laptop using bootable Pendrive. At the time of loading drives and partitions it displayed an error 

'Setup has determined that drive d: is corrupted and can not be repaired.'

I used Win2Flash Software for making my pendrive bootable. I thought may be this is the problem of ISO file so I checked with another ISO of Windows Xp but problem was not solved.
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