Feb 17, 2013

Increase traffic on your website / blog

There are number of ways to increase the traffic on your website or blog like submit your website to different Search Engines , remove error occurred in your website , do not you a number of widgets in your blog (otherwise it will take a lot of time to load and user may intend to close that web page).

One best way to increase website traffic is here with Google Webmaster Tools. This is very useful because number of people use Google Search Engine for Search. If your website or blog comes in Google Search then it will be checked by users. This is very easy for a website or blog. You need a Google account for this.
  • If you do not have a Google account then Sign-up for account.

  • Login to Google webmaster tools using Google account.
  • Then add your website after adding it will take some seconds to load.
  • Click on the website name appearing in the Google Webmaster Home.
  • Now go to Health > Crawl errors > Click on not found. It will show you the pages of your website that have error / not found. Try to fix them by redirecting to modified address from blogger setting.
  • If you have deleted this page then go to Optimization  > Remove URL's > Create a new removal request > and add the address of deleted page for removing from Google Search and Cache.This will help to remove the error found on your website.
  • You can Index your pages by Google. Just go to Health >Fetch as Google > Click on Fetch. Now click on Submit to Index and Choose URL and All linked Pages. 
I hope that it will surely increase the traffic on your website / blog.

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