Apr 30, 2013

Task Manager is disabled by Administrator

Sometimes due to some virus attack task manager stops working , you will be unable to open the task manager. It show the message " Task Manager is disabled by Administrator ". In this situation how to enable the task manager I am going to discuss because if task manager opens then you can stop a process by which the problem is occurring.
  • Click on Start button and go to Run
  • Type regedit
  • Click Ok. The Registry Editor will now open

Apr 26, 2013

Tricks and hacking related blogs

From past one week I went through a number of blogs related with hacking and tricks for Network and I found that there are very less no.of people who try to write working tricks related with all Networks. I just put bsnl free internet/ GPRS on the Google and got a large no. of websites related to this but none of them was working. It's totally wastage of time some time you may get a trick but it will not work for more than a week.

I analyzed that a no. of blog authors copy the content , the same trick which is not working. I think it is not good. Sharing a trick is a very good thing but when it is working if it is not working it's not good to do so. You can observe that everyone tells that 'this trick not working ' except one or two and those one or two are posted by only authors.

Apr 13, 2013

How to configure Proxy Address and Port in Nokia C5 for Wireless Network

Now a days in some Colleges , they provide the Wireless Network for the use of students which is configured to use Proxy Address and Port. This is very easy to configure the Proxy address and Port in Laptop or Computer but in Mobile it is quite difficult. I am going to tell how to configure Proxy address and Port in Nokia C5 Series Mobiles.

Configuration for Proxy Server :

Just go to Setting > connectivity > destinations

Here you will see the following options :

Apr 10, 2013

IPTorrents.com :: Where speed speaks

Friends I got one invite of IPTorrents.com from one of my friend. I never used this website before. This website gives the torrents of movies , apps, games , tv seasons and ebooks with a very high downloading speed. This website is meant for Premium users only but if a premium user invites you can sign up free of cost.

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