May 26, 2012

How to add facebook like box or like button to blogger

  • Just login to Your facebook account.
  • Open the blog  page on facebook.
  • and copy  the address from address bar.
  • Create a blog page on facebook if You don’t have a page named on Your blog.
  • Now go to ‘edit page’ option.
  • Then go to ‘Resources’.
  • Choose ‘use social plugins’ in ‘Connect with People’ option.
  • Now Select ‘like box’ or ‘like button’.
  • and enter the address copied from address bar in 'url to like' option.
  • and customize it according to Your need and ‘Get Code’.
  • Copy this code and go to blog layout .
  • add a html box in widget and paste code into that and see the Preview.
  • and change the width according to blog width.
  • Save arrangement .
  • See Your blog like box will appear.

May 16, 2012

Online shopping websites for India

There are some popular websites for online shopping I have not tried all of them but one or two .They deliver the product near about within the time they give.

First make sure that they are able to deliver the product in your area by entering the Pin Code then make payment. If you have any doubt then don’t make payment online you can choose option ‘Cash on delivery’.

May 13, 2012

Convert Video/Movie to GIF Animation in Adobe Photoshop

File > Import > Video frames to layers

Select the Movie file. 

Select ‘Range to Import’ (From beginning to end or Selected Range only)

Uncheck the option ‘Make Frame Animation’.

Go to File > Save for Web and Devices

May 11, 2012

How to make Movie from Images in Adobe Photoshop

File > Open (Open the folder and select first image)

Select the ‘Image Sequence’ Option.

Give the ‘Frame Rate’ Press ok.

If You want to see the Animation/ Video

Go to Window > Animation (Play and see the Animation)

May 10, 2012

How to edit or modify the images in batch in Photoshop

For the modification of images in batch we need to Record an Action then we go to Automate and give the path of Source and Destination folder.

Open Adobe Photoshop then go to

Window > Actions (Alt+F9)

May 8, 2012

How to insert two or more images in one frame in Adobe Photoshop

Open the images in Adobe Photoshop
(Right click -> Open with Adobe Photoshop)

Then go to File -> New

Give the Name and Preset (width and height) -> Ok
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