May 17, 2013

Idm is not working with Proxy Setting

When our server is configured to use a proxy server then we can’t access the Internet by opening the browser (Mozilla, Chrome or IE) only we must configure our web browser for Proxy Setting. A short process for proxy setting is given:

For Mozilla Firefox
Go to Firefox > Options > Options > Advanced > Network > Setting and use Manual Proxy Configuration, Use the Proxy address and Port.

For Google Chrome
Go to Setting > Show Advanced Setting > Network > Change Proxy Setting > LAN Setting  > Proxy Server, Use the Proxy address and Port.

May 1, 2013

Remove Incompatible extensions/add ons from Mozilla

I was trying  to remove Incompatible  extensions/ add ons from Mozilla from many days and now i got the the trick & It is very easy to remove. When a software is installed this is added into registry if we remove the registry of that add ons or extension the changes will take place after restart the software but it needs a care because if we remove wrong registry then software will not work. 

It is added in registry in following sequence :

for removing the extension or add ons from Firefox/Thunderbird look for following place and delete the Incompatiable registry file:

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