Dec 15, 2012

How to make setting for Internet in Mobile

It is very common to use internet in our Mobile phones but for accessing internet we need some setting. These setting are provided by Networks by sending some specific SMS.

We can configure manually these setting for mobile browser as well as third-party browsers. You don't need to have a lot of knowledge for this. This is very easy once you know it you can configure any Handset for Internet / GPRS use.

I am telling this for Nokia Handsets for BSNL Network once you know about one Network you can configure any Network.

Setting for Mobile browser :

Setting > Configuration >Personal Configuration Settings

after that Options > Add New > Web

> Give Account Name (Bsnl GPRS)
> Home Page :
> Leave User Name and Password blank.
> Use Preferred Access Point > No
> Define Access Point Setting > Ok
> Access Point Setting > Proxy > Enable >Proxy Address :
> Port : 8080
> Bearer Setting > Packet data Access Point > bsnllive

after setting up as described above Go back to Personal Configuration Settings and Activate.

Note : The Web Setting is used for Mobile browser only.

Setting for third-party browser or any other Application :

Setting > Configuration >Personal Configuration Settings

after that Options > Add New > Access Point

> Give Account Name (Bsnl GPRS)
> Access Point Setting > Bearer Setting > Packet data Access Point > bsnlnet

Default Access Point is internet change it to bsnlnet for Bsnl GPRS.

Note : The Access Point Setting is used for Third-party browser or any other Application.

In other Handsets First find the Configuration Setting then Configure it accordingly.

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