Jan 6, 2014

Setup Synchronization in Mozilla Firefox

Why I am talking about Synchronization ??

When we use something we always try to make that to our own type. like Suppose you are using the Mozilla firefox internet browser. It is very common that you will bookmarks some websites that you visit many times when you go on internet and you store your passwords, cookies etc. If by any mistake you lost all the things then again you will have to collect all the things.

I have seen no. of people even don't remember their passwords because that is already stored they  just open the website and log on. In that case it is very necessary to SetUp Synchronization in firefox. and you can make same setting in firefox in other devices by using Pair a device option.

for Sychronization you just need an email address which you may have on gmail, yahoo etc. and a strong password. after completion of synchronization account you will get  a recovery key which has the most important role to synchronize.

If you don't note your recovery key or lost your recovery key you can never synchronize. You can note down and keep it safe or send it on your mail.

to setup synchronization in firefox Just go to
Firefox > options > options > Sync
or simply firefox > setup Sync 

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