May 20, 2014

Analyse your BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) Windows dump

Whenever you computer dumps (BSOD appears) a mini dmp file is created which is stored in your computer and the location of that mini dump file is given on the screen when Computer restarts.

You can open this mini dump file using Debugging Tools using Command Prompt. Otherwise you can do Online Crash Analysis to know the reason of Windows dump (BSOD).

I will recommend the Software WhoCrashed. It is very good Crash Dump Analyser you can easily find the reason of dump. The problem arises due to drivers, softwares , memory are others. This software is free for home use. Just Install this software and Click on analyse button. after that Scroll down to read reason(s).

After knowing the reason of windows dump you can try to resolve the problem step-wise. To know how to resolve the problem click here to go on official website of Microsoft.

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