Sep 21, 2012

How to remove Babylon Search or Toolbar from Mozilla Firefox

When you download Softwares from internet sometimes may possible you accidentally install a Toolbar or Search like Babylon Search or Toolbar in Mozilla Firefox or other browser.

In that case just go to Control Panel and uninstall the Babylon Toolbar. and go to Add-ons in Mozilla Firefox and Check Extensions and Plugins if it is there then remove it and restart your browser and also delete the Babylon folder from Program files in C drive.

Sometimes it is not visible in installed programs then follow the given procedure -
  1. In url address of your Firefox browser type in:  about:config . This will display a list of Firefox settings and other configurations
  2. In Filter, type in babylon. This will display only entries related or has references to Babylon.
  3. Right-click then Reset for all, this will change back your default search engine.


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