Jul 26, 2012

Secure Your facebook account

Now-a -days Each and every one has account on facebook and due to increase in number of users Hackers always try to hack Your facebook account. So it becomes necessary to maintain the security of Your facebook account by using secure browsing.

How to enable secure browsing in facebook ??

  • Just go 'Account Setting'.
  • then go to 'Security'.
  • after that go to 'Secure Browsing'.
  • 'Edit' and check that box then 'Save'.

One more things is here facebook can allow third party applications or ad networks the right to use your user name or picture in ads. To disable this feature

  • Go to 'Account Setting'.
  • then go to 'Facebook Ads'.
  • after that go to 'Edit third party ad setting'.

  • and select the option 'No one' then 'Save'.
Note : Click on the Image to see larger view.

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