Mar 20, 2013

BSNL 3G awesome speed in 2G Recharge

I use 3G USB Modem with BSNL 2G SIM.When I want to access internet I make a 2G recharge and select the 3G Network in the USB Modem (UMTS or HSPA). From many days I was checking speed of 2G recharges on 3G bandwidth. I made the recharge of  Rs. 7 , Rs. 14 and Rs. 98 in which I got 100 MB , 200 MB , 1.25GB separately. 

After using all the recharges I came to conclusion that Rs. 7 recharge gives awesome speed of internet downloading and surfing both it reached upto 4.8 Mbps (500 KBps downloading speed in Internet download manager ). I was shocked and my 100 MB data was downloaded in some seconds. About Rs. 14 recharge and Rs. 98 recharge I tried many times but speed was limited upto 300-400 Kbps (30-35 KBps in Internet download manager ).One things I was forget to tell you that I am using USB Modem of Huwai Company. (Mobile Partner)

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          3G speed at 2G recharge in Bsnl


  1. it doesnot give speed in 270 recharge :( i mean it only give downloading speed of max 20

    1. do You use any accelerator like Idm/Fdm or not ?

    2. if u wanna get 3g speed in 2g plan first recharge with 274 rs net pack which gives 10gb og data. surf for one day and the next day recharge with 50 rs 3g net pack which gives 100 mb for15 days. then after 8 -10 hours you will get rocking speed of 600 - 700 kbps. share this trick this works i tried it.

    3. @ Nikhil : Thanks dear for sharing Your experience

    4. actually the above shared experience may also work as i have never tried to do so but you should know that bsnl tricky 3g works only with choosen recharges only like it will not work on rs 98 2gdata pack instead it will work on the recharge done of rs 125

    5. @Anagh : you r right. now bsnl has combined both 2G and 3G packs they say this uniform data plans.


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