Apr 10, 2013

IPTorrents.com :: Where speed speaks

Friends I got one invite of IPTorrents.com from one of my friend. I never used this website before. This website gives the torrents of movies , apps, games , tv seasons and ebooks with a very high downloading speed. This website is meant for Premium users only but if a premium user invites you can sign up free of cost.

After free sign up you can able to download torrents of contents whatever you want but you need to maintain your upload to download ratio more than one but means of seeding the torrent that means if you finish a download don't remove it from your torrent client. and as much you seed you will get more bonus point for that and these bonus point you can use for zap HNRs(hit and runs). You should contain maximum ratio and minimum no. of torrents in HNRs otherwise your account will go for suspension.

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