Dec 4, 2013

Configure Your Netwrok for Static IP

In Colleges or Some organizations internet service is given by wireless network and they have dhcp enabled configuration.when you connect your device (laptop, tablet) a temporary ip address is assigned for some seconds after that server assigns a permanent ip adrress and whenever you connect your device to same server it assigns the same ip until you make some changes in it.

when the load on server is exceeded the server has less priority to assign a permanent ip it may show Identifying (.....) for some time after that Unidentified Network.

To avoid this kind of problem you can configure your network for an static ip address. You have to provide an IP Address, Subnet Mask, default gateway and dns server specifications. These specification you can fill in Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4) section in properties of Network.

after giving these information you will find that it will not take time to confirm you network. If you don't have an ip address you can use the assigned one that was given by dhcp enabled system.

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          Solve problem related to Unidentified Network, Identifying (.....) 

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