Dec 9, 2013

live OS or live cd

What is live OS ?

Live OS referrs to an operating system which runs in a computer's memory instead of loading from a hard disk that mean you can directly boot your Computer System by a bootable cd or bootable removable media like external hard drive , pendrive , floppy drive etc. These live operating systems are used for temporary pupose when our installed operrating system have some problem or taking some data which is on the hard disk of a system which os has been crashed.

You can also install these Operating Systems to your hard drive also and use as permanent basis. The best thing in live os is this - You can run a live OS without an internal hard disk because it runs in Computer memory.

There are so many live OS but generally I prefer Ubutntu. Just Download from it's official website and make a bootable cd/dvd and boot your computer system from cd/dvd directly. as a said earlier you can also install it on your hard drive.

You can see the list of live OS here.
 http://livecdlist .com/

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