Jan 26, 2015

Consistent Motherboard Pentium 4 Graphics driver (VGA Controller) for Windows XP

Friends I was home and my Home PC has Consistent motherboard and 256 MB RAM, Kids used to learn by this computer. It has Pentium 4 processor. I played a video it was stucked, only audio sound was coming. then I checked from the device manager and found that it was missing VGA Controller driver and because of that it was not able to play videos . Although RAM is also less but yet I thought to install VGA Controller for this Consistent motherborad Pentium 4 with With Windows xp sp3.

I googled and found a no. of links, downloaded a no. of Graphics drivers and installed but none of them worked correctly. it was showing yellow symbol in device manager for VGA Controller. I messed up with different driver download softwares and finally I found the appropriate driver for  this motherboard and extracted , installed it. It worked awesome even RAM is only 256 MB still it is able to play HD Videos.

If you need the VGA Controller driver for Consistent motherboard Pentium 4 then I am making available to you. You can download easily by Clicking the link.

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