Dec 5, 2011

Keep your Computer safe and Faster…

There are some softwares and important things which are good for your computer and increase the speed of your computer...

  • Don’t install unnecessary programs which you never use.

  • Install ccleanner to clean your registry defects and unused storage. and run it regularly 1-2 time in a week.
  • Update your antivirus as soon as possible.
  • Make s full scan of your computer within 2 week. Although antivirus runs always until disable it still you should make a full scan manually.
  • Run the authenticated softwares only because there may be malwares and Trojans (computer viruses).
  • Keep your firewall on when you use the internet on your pc.
  • Keep the automatic updates off incase when you are not using genuine windows.
  • Don’t use too much add on in Mozilla firefox  it decreases speed of your computer if necessary then use which one is more necessary.

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