Dec 13, 2011

How to Install fedora 16 by Pendrive

We can install fedora 16 by making a bootable CD by downloading an ISO image and burning on a CD.

but there is an other alternative to install fedora 16 by using Pendrive

for this first you have will have to download an ISO image of fedora
which can be easily obtained from fedora website.

Get fedora here

  • Now we have fedora 16 ISO image file
  • for booting from pendrive you have to download live usb creator from which you can make your pendrive bootable.
Download here
  • Install the live usb creator.
  • Mount the ISO image.
  • select the ISO image and give the location of Pendrive
  • and click on create live will take some time to make Pendrive Bootable.
  • first you have to change boot priorty by going into boot menu and enable the external booting.
  • and choose boot from removable disk.
  • then save and exit.
Now insert your Pendrive and restart your computer and install Fedora 16 like a bootable cd.

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