Feb 23, 2012

Tips for online secure banking

Now a day’s Hacking has become very common. Hackers want to use everything for free. For this purpose they break scripts and send Trojan or other Malwares.

Sometimes they hack our online internet banking user name and password and transfer all the money to use in purchase or any other work.

This is very dangerous case. Here I am giving some tips for online banking. Try to make secure your online banking/transaction. 

  • Avoid doing online banking in Café.
  • If it is important to do online banking in Café then make your browser i.e Firefox or Internet Explorer in Private browsing.
  • Don’t share Your user name and password / ATM Pin by mail or message to anyone.
  • Don’t response a mail in which Your online banking user name and password is asked. because bank never asks for user name and password.
  • Update Your mobile number in case you have changed Your mobile number for receiving sms in mobile.

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