Sep 20, 2012

Have problem with opening gmail in Mozilla

Some of my friends told that they have problem with gmail when they open in Mozilla. Some of the buttons are not appearing and also they were unable to select the mail in inbox or other . when they try to delete the mail it was not deleted. after refreshing it again appears in the Inbox.

I don't no why this is happening but I suggested them to update the Mozilla firefox to Latest version and they get rid of that problem. If still you have the problem Clear the History , Cookies and Cache in Firefox.

Just go to Firefox > Options > Options > Privacy > Clear your recent History  and select Everything and check all the boxes and click on Clear now.

To update your Mozilla firefox just go to  Firefox > Help > About Firefox
it will automatically check for update and install it.

If this fails you can download manually the latest version of Mozilla Firefox and install it.

Click here to check latest version

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