Mar 5, 2014

How to uninstall latest updates installed from Mozilla firefox

When Mozilla firefox installs latest updates then some of the add-ons are disabled due to incompatibility. If you contact in firefox forum to ask how to uninstall the latest updates they will suggest you to update the add-ons too instead of answering how to  uninstall latest updates installed due to security reasons.

The best way to uninstall the latest updates installed is you just download the previous version whatever you were using before upgradation from filehippo. and run that setup without uninstalling the current version installed. On this way you can get your add-ons working back.

If there is too much difference between the version you are using and the latest firefox then it is better to update firefox and add-ons too. Do not install too much add-ons in your firefox try as less no of add-ons as you can because too much add-ons slower the speed of firefox.

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