Apr 26, 2013

Tricks and hacking related blogs

From past one week I went through a number of blogs related with hacking and tricks for Network and I found that there are very less no.of people who try to write working tricks related with all Networks. I just put bsnl free internet/ GPRS on the Google and got a large no. of websites related to this but none of them was working. It's totally wastage of time some time you may get a trick but it will not work for more than a week.

I analyzed that a no. of blog authors copy the content , the same trick which is not working. I think it is not good. Sharing a trick is a very good thing but when it is working if it is not working it's not good to do so. You can observe that everyone tells that 'this trick not working ' except one or two and those one or two are posted by only authors.

There are some tricks which is near about 4-5 years old and these are not working but a no. of blogger used to post that material with a current name working trick with year and they get a large amount of visitors.Is it good ? I think it's not. If the trick is working then we can post with Place , date and all other information.


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