Apr 13, 2013

How to configure Proxy Address and Port in Nokia C5 for Wireless Network

Now a days in some Colleges , they provide the Wireless Network for the use of students which is configured to use Proxy Address and Port. This is very easy to configure the Proxy address and Port in Laptop or Computer but in Mobile it is quite difficult. I am going to tell how to configure Proxy address and Port in Nokia C5 Series Mobiles.

Configuration for Proxy Server :

Just go to Setting > connectivity > destinations

Here you will see the following options :

  • Access Point
  • Internet
  • Multimedia msg
  • Wap services
  • Uncategorized

Search for Wireless Connection (WLAN) in above options if you have not categorized then Wireless option will be in Uncategorized Option.

then select the Wireless Connection ( Some Wireless Connection name will be there) and it will show the following Options :

  • Connection Name
  • Data Bearer
  • WLAN Network Name
  • Network Status
  • WLAN Network mode
  • WLAN Security mode
  • WLAN Security Setting
  • Home Page
  • Use Access Point

Now go to Options > Advanced Setting

Here You will get the following Options :

  • IPv4 Setting
  • IPv6 Setting
  • Proxy Server address
  • Proxy Port Number

If you have IP Address then enter the IP address in IPv4 Setting by doing it manual otherwise leave it. then enter the Proxy Server Address and Port Number.

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